Ph.D. Program

The Reading/Literacy Doctoral Program combines basic research in reading and writing processes and applied research in education along with opportunities to engage in rigorous laboratory and field-based research. Students participate in discussions and study of important educational problems for two important purposes, 1) pursuing cutting edge research and generating new knowledge for the reading/literacy field, and 2) asking better questions and finding better answers to today's pressing issues in literacy education.

The Reading/Literacy Doctoral Program is a doctoral program designed for students who have obtained a master's degree and wish to pursue advanced research and study in reading and/or writing. The program consists of coursework, independent study and research in specific areas of students' interests, mentorship by individual faculty members, participation in faculty members' ongoing research, and participation in and contributions to the reading/literacy field.

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Graduate Academic Program Specialist:
 JoLynn Yates

Last Updated: 2/12/20