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Applied Positive Psychology Undergraduate Certificate

Positive Psychology, a scientific area in psychology, emphasizes the study of human strengths, positive emotions, and well-being. Applied positive psychology is "the application of positive psychology research to the facilitation of optimal functioning" (Linley & Joseph, 2004a, p.4). This undergraduate certificate program is a minimum of 20 credit hours and will focus primarily on applying positive psychology to individual behavior, relationships, career or education. This certificate will provide you with life skills, as well as set you apart from other people in future situations.

Program Description

Application Process

APPLICATION - Please complete your application and save it in PDF form. Send an email to EDPS Executive Secretary at and attach the PDF form to your email.

For current University of Utah students who want to obtain a Positive Psychology Certificate:
Email most recent undergraduate transcripts (showing at least a 3.0 GPA) from any college or university most recently attended, and the application directly to directly to the ED PS Executive Secretary at at the Department of Educational Psychology.

For professionals, out-of-state students, or international students who would like to obtain a Positive Psychology online courses for the certificate program-- see below:

There are a few options for applying to the University of Utah. Non-matriculated and matriculated admissions. Below are examples of those:

Non-matriculated applications:

  • Non-degree seeking students.
  • Not eligible for financial aid or scholarships.
  • If you are an in-state student, non-matriculation tuition would be the same as in state and upper division tuition schedule. If you are an out of state student, you will pay out of state tuition for upper division classes in the fall and spring semesters. If an out of state student would like to pay in-state tuition, courses offered over the summer semesters (May - August) will cost the same as upper division in-state tuition, but may take more than one semester to complete the certificate. Students may read more information about tuition here. If more than one semester is required, and the student is not attending semesters consecutively, the student must re-apply and re-pay the application fees every semester until the certificate is complete.  Email most recent undergraduate transcripts (showing at least a 3.0 GPA) from any college or university most recently attended, and the application directly to the ED PS Executive Secretary at r.peirce@utah.eduat the Department of Educational Psychology.

Matriculated student application options:

  • Freshman
    • Students who will have graduated from high school and have earned no transferrable college credit after high school
  • Transfer Students
    • Students with college credit after high school.
  • International students
    • Students who have citizenship outside the United States.
  • Returning Students
    • Students who were previously enrolled at the University of Utah.
  • Second Bachelor’s
    • Students who wish to earn multiple bachelor's degrees.
  • Non-traditional
    • Students who graduated from high school seven or more years prior to applying, and have not attended another college or university.

Please send your application via one of the options below.

Positive Psychology Certificate Program
Department of Educational Psychology
University of Utah
1721 Campus Center Drive SAEC 3220
Salt Lake City, UT 84112
(801) 581-5566
Or Email to the ED PS Executive Secretary:

Course Requirements

The certificate requires 20 credit hours, which is the minimum requirement in the University Policy 6-116 (Undergraduate Certificates). You will need to take a minimum of 7 online courses (3 required courses and 4 electives).

Required Courses:

  • ED PS 5061 Change using Positive Psychology
  • ED PS 5063 Enhancing Happiness & Life Satisfaction
  • ED PS 5065 Quality Intimate Relationships


ED PS online courses:

  • ED PS 2600 Stategies for College Success
  • ED PS 5060 Forgiveness & Anger Reduction
  • ED PS 5062 Coping with Difficult People
  • ED PS 5064 Resilience After Divorce: Life Reconstruction
  • ED PS 5066 Growing from Traumatic Life Experiences
  • ED PS 5067 Overcoming Self-Defeating Behavior
  • ED PS 5068 Meditation & Stress Reduction
  • ED PS 5069 Addictive Thinking
  • ED PS 5070 Changing Children's Behavior Using Positive Methods
  • ED PS 5071 Enhancing Midlife Satisfaction
  • ED PS 5072 Positive Psychology of Career and Work
  • ED PS 5073 Positive Psychology of Disability


Positive Psychology Courses Offered on Campus in Other Departments:

  • Psych 2440 The Psychology of Getting What you Want: Attitudes & Persuasion
  • PSY 3010 Research Methods
  • Health Edu 6040 Positive Health: Psychosocial - Seniors may take this course

When a new course is introduced, it will be offered as ED PS 5960. Please feel free to contact the Educational Psychology Department for more information on these courses.

NOTE: AOCE Contract and Non-Credit classes will no longer count toward a certificate in positive psychology after Fall 2015. We will no longer be admitting any new students into these two programs after Summer 2014.

Questions? Contact:
Roussella Peirce
SAEC 3220

EDPS 3960/5960/6960

This course will allow students to:
- Hone crucial interpersonal skills needed across job settings
- Implement social action projects in their field of study
- Earn credit towards the Positive Psychology Certificate

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