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At the Department of Educational Psychology we:

  • emphasize the application of behavioral sciences to educational and psychological processes.
  • are committed to training students in the knowledge of education and psychology so that you can serve the educational and psychological needs of the state and national communities.



 Congratulations to the following students on receiving internship appointments

School Psychology Matches

Diana Askings

National Psych. Training Cons. - Yakima WA

Racheal Clark

Hopkins Behav Psych & Neuropsych – Baltimore, MD

Amelia McClelland

National Psych. Training Cons. – Yakima, WA

Robyn Riley

Jordan School District

Mamie Thompson

Jordan School District

Counseling Psychology Matches

Brian Pace

Palo Alto, CA  VA

David Shirley

Northern Arizona, VA

Hope Allred

Rochester, NY

Carolina Corrales

Stanford, CA  UCC

Aaron Dembe

Univ. Texas, Dallas

Amber Whiteley

Univ. of Utah UCC

Salvia Artman

Duke, NC

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Last Updated: 4/27/18