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Literacy, Language, and Learning Ph.D.

Literacy, Language, Learning Timetable

Program Overview

The Doctor of Philosophy of Education in Literacy, Language, and Learning is a research-based professional degree for students who have obtained a master's degree and wish to pursue advanced research related to literacy. The program combines basic research in reading, writing, and language processes as well as applied research in literacy teaching and learning, along with opportunities to engage in rigorous field-based research. In addition, students participate in interdisciplinary discussions and studies of important educational problems and issues with the goal of asking better questions and finding better answers to today’s pressing issues in literacy education at the preK-12 level, including:

  • literacy development, including early and emergent literacy
  • basic reading and writing processes
  • comprehension instruction
  • children’s and young adult literature
  • motivation and engagement
  • literacy in school and community settings
  • professional development
Last Updated: 9/12/23