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Master's of Education

The Master's of Education is a research-based professional degree that involves students working to become exemplary practitioners. The emphasis is on powerfully integrating research-based theory and practice. As accomplished professionals, graduates with this degree are prepared to be leaders in their educational settings.

Through this degree, the Department of Educational Psychology develops educators who are:

  • committed to excellence in learning for all students
  • knowledgeable in disciplines that support research-informed teaching practice
  • effective in assessing and engaging students' developing understandings
  • aware of and committed to addressing issues of diversity through their practices

There are three levels of reading endorsements that you can obtain from the Utah State Office of Education.

  • Level I-Basic is for the regular classroom teacher--this primarily makes a classroom teacher a better teacher of reading in RTI Tier I classrooms
  • Level II-Advanced is for the reading coach--this allows a teacher to become a literacy coach who works primarily with classroom teachers for the most effective Tier I classroom instruction in reading and literacy
  • Level II-Interventionist is for the reading interventionist--this allows teachers to become reading specialists who specialize in Tier II and III intervention with students who struggle with reading and literacy. This program is offered through the University of Utah Reading Clinic. Please see the Reading Clinic website for more information.

The Reading Interventionist Level II is an add-on endorsement that is in addition to the Level I endorsement. BUT, teachers can complete classes toward both endorsements at the same time. In other words, teachers do not need to complete the Level I before starting the Reading Interventionist.

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Reading Endorsement 1 & 2 with M.Ed. - Advanced Endorsement

Reading Endorsement 1 & 2 with M.Ed. - Reading Interventionist

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JoLynn Yates
Phone: 801-581-7148
FAX: 801-581-5566

Reading & Literacy Faculty

Jan Dole  Jan Dole, PhD - View Profile
Reading & Literacy
SAEC 3234
Doug Hacker

Douglas J. Hacker, PhD - View Profile
Professor, Program Director
Reading & Literacy
SAEC 3274

Kerry Herman

Kerry Herman - View Profile
Associate Instructor
SAEC 2244
801- 587-7995

Lauren Liang Lauren A. Liang, PhD - View Profile
Associate Professor
Reading & Literacy
SAEC 3251
Colli Lucas Colli Lucas, PhD - View Profile
Assistant Professor (Clinical)
Reading & Literacy
SAEC 3246
Seung-Hee Claire Son Seung-Hee Claire Son, PhD - View Profile
Assistant Professor
Reading & Literacy
SAEC 3249
Kathleen Brown

Kathleen Brown - View Profile
Adjunct Faculty
University of Utah Reading Clinic

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