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Student Advisory Committee Membership and Officers

New members may be admitted to the Student Advisory Committee throughout the year—participation is always welcome. SAC exists for every student, and participation in SAC meetings and activities does not require membership; however, members will be called upon to assist with SAC activities and committees.

If you have questions about the SAC, feel free to reach out to the co-chairs, Paige Dubrow ( and Deborah Tor (

SAC Members


Deborah Tor - Co-Chair (School Psychology)

Paige Dubrow - Co-Chair (School Psychology)

Adrian Adams (Learning & Cognition)

Anne Lemons (School Psychology)

Ashley Silcox (Reading & Literacy)

Bailey Ondricek (Learning & Cognition)

Carson Ewing  (School Psychology)

Justine Hampton (Learning & Cognition)

K.C. Hill (Counseling Psychology)

Kristina Changkiendee (School Psychology)

Matthew Roberts (School Psychology)

Mike Bokinskie (School Psychology)

Nolan Behr (School Psychology)

Tara Pearce (Literacy, Language & Learning)

Last Updated: 12/1/23