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book coverStrategies for Deep Learning with Digital Technology: Theories and Practices in Education

Robert ZhengDr. Robert Zheng has recently published an edited book entitled Strategies for Deep Learning with Digital Technology: Theories and Practices in Education by Nova Science Publishers. The book addresses current issues facing deep learning and digital technology in education by focusing on cognitive, metacognitive and affective processes in digital technology-based deep learning. Emphasis is made on bridging theories with practice in which the practice of deep learning with digital technology is grounded in learning theories. Case studies are included aiming at effective application of digital technology in deep learning.

Here are some of the reviews of the book:

 "This book covers a cutting edge topic in education with strong theoretical ties to work in cognition, metacognition, and emotion, with chapters written by leading researchers in the field. Researchers and practitioners interested in the impact of digital technologies in learning will find this volume to be informative, comprehensive, and thought-provoking." - Anne E. Cook, Professor and Chair, Educational Psychology Department, Director for Student and Faculty Affairs, College of Education, University of Utah, US

“This edited book provides excellent resources for researchers and academic professionals about the connections between deep learning (involving critical and creative thinking, reasoning performance, making inferences and knowledge transfer) and the use of digital technologies (such as virtual reality, artificial intelligence, 3D visualization, e-portfolios, and a network-based approach). Authors examine theories relevant to deep learning and provide research results regarding the cognitive and metacognitive learning strategies, self-regulated learning, reasoning performance, along with many other themes. This book offers the valuable support to graduate students and teachers aiming at their professional development, and a must for a library.” - Anna Ursyn, Professor of Digital Media Digital Media Area Head, School of Art and Design, College of Performing and Visual Arts, University of Northern Colorado, USA


Last Updated: 3/26/18