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Recently Published Books by EDPS Faculty
Aaron Fischer and Keith Radley

fisher radley book coverTechnology Applications in School Psychology Consultation, Supervision, and Training
Edited by Aaron J. Fischer, Tai A. Collins, Evan H. Dart, Keith C. Radley

Technology Applications in School Psychology Consultation, Supervision, and Training explores the ways in which the field of school psychology is using technological innovations to support and improve graduate student training and supervision, as well as school consultation. Chapters based on current research and written by experts address the integration of telehealth tools and strategies such as telepresence robots, bug-in-the-ear devices, videoconferencing, virtual platforms, and more, including a section dedicated to navigating practical, ethical, and legal concerns. Throughout, the volume engages with relevant considerations relating to data management, professional standards, and regulatory guidelines. This is a comprehensive and up-to-date resource for all those looking to understand the place and potential of established and emerging technologies within school psychology training and practice. Read More...


radley book 2019

Handbook of Behavioral Interventions in Schools
Edited by Keith C. Radley, Evan H. Dart

Tasked chiefly with providing effective instruction, classroom teachers must also manage student behavior. Prevalence of student problem behavior is a strong indicator of failing schools, and has been linked to reduced academic achievement, truancy, bullying, and loss of teacher time. As such demand is on the rise for intervention programs that may effectively reduce levels of problem behavior in schools. Read More...


Last Updated: 4/10/19