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EdPsych Awarded LEARNT Grants

Dr. Seung-Hee Claire Son and Dr. Lynne Zummo were both awarded $12,000 in seed funding through the College of Education's LEARNT program. 

Research Shaping the Future of Education

Recently, the College of Education Research Awards Committee awarded some seed grants under the Leading Educational Advances in Research and New Technologies (LEARNT) Award program, including to the Department of Educational Psychology. Below we highlight the EdPsych awardees and share a summary of their projects. 

Dr. Son's grant, entitled Preschoolers' Multimedia Learning of STEM Vocabulary and Concept Knowledge, will add to the existing knowledge about STEM vocabulary and concepts in preschoolers. The study will evaluate the design parameters for multimedia STEM learning for preschoolers to create an optimal design and test the effectiveness of STEM intervention using the optimal multimedia platform. The resulting platform will integrate an engaging multimedia platform with developmentally appropriate STEM content.

Dr. Zummo's grant, entitled Developing Data Practices & Deepening Museum Learning through Digital Tools, will generate new knowledge about using digital interactives, including digitized museum collections, to advance public engagement with data. It argues that well-designed digital interactives can engage learners in the collection, analysis, and interpretation of quantitative data and, in doing so, transform the depth of museum-based STEM learning.

With a focus on technology, both of these projects are sure to be even more applicable in a post-pandemic world. We thank all our researchers for their ongoing work and congratulate Drs. Son and Zummo on their LEARNT seed grants. 


Last Updated: 8/31/21