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Anne Cook - University Professor

Anne Cook.

University Professor 2020-2022
Anne Cook, PhD

The awarding of University Professor confers recognition of extraordinary skill in university teaching which crosses conventional boundaries, emphasizes interdisciplinary relationships, and reflects a strong commitment to a liberal education. Individuals at this rank have demonstrated exceptional ability in challenging and stimulating the intellectual curiosity of undergraduate students. Dr. Cook will hold the special rank of University Professor for two years. Dr. Cook was selected for her innovative work in teaching and mentoring undergraduate researchers, as well as her work as an administrator in promoting the role of undergraduates in the research mission of the College of Education. During the period of the award, Dr. Cook will collaborate with the Office of Undergraduate Research to design coursework that trains undergraduate research mentees in essential skills required for successful research experiences in their individual disciplines and majors. She will also develop programs for faculty and staff across campus who are interested in enhancing their mentoring of undergraduate researchers.

Last Updated: 4/27/20