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Mission Statement

The mission of the School Counseling Program is to prepare pre-service school counselors for work and leadership roles in K-12 educational settings.  The course of study supports the acquisition of developmentally appropriate, competency based knowledge and skills necessary for professional practice as a transformative school counselor.  Students are challenged to reflect on their own values, attitudes, and beliefs and apply multicultural sensitivity, responsiveness, knowledge, and understanding to all aspects of their work.  Students learn how to design, implement, and evaluate evidence-based school counseling interventions that promote 1) optimal human development and functioning, and 2) access and equity to rigorous education for all, especially those from underrepresented and underserved groups.  A major emphasis of the training is on clinical field experiences in partnership with local school districts.  It is our hope that graduates will recognize and embrace their professional responsibility by becoming leaders in educational reform, agents of systemic change, and advocates for social justice in the communities they serve.

Last Updated: 3/24/17