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Admissions Information

The School Counseling Program admits students into our program once a year.

When Should I Apply?

We accept applications from July 1st through December 15th.

What is the Deadline?

The deadline for applications is December 15th.  In order to meet this deadline, be sure to begin your application far enough in advance that you can gather all required materials, have your GRE scores sent to us (it takes approximately 3 weeks to have scores sent), and give your recommenders plenty of time to write letters of recommendation.

How Do I Apply?

Apply online through the ApplyYourself web application portal:

 For more information, see Application Instructions

How Can I Be a More Competitive Applicant?

We are committed to excellence in the education and training of school counselors and admission to the program can be highly competitive. Applications are evaluated for quality and diversity of experience and background, past academic achievement, personal statement, letters of recommendation, and Graduate Record Examination scores (Verbal, Quantitative, Analytical Writing; scores only valid within the last five years).

 For more information, see How to Be a More Competitive Applicant.

What Happens After I Submit my Application?

After the application deadline (December 15th), applications are reviewed and rated and we begin to make letters of offer in February. 

For more information, see Application Process/Timeline.

If I Am Accepted, When Do I Begin?

Students who are admitted to our program in February begin taking classes in May (summer semester).  Thus, the program technically begins in Summer, not Fall.

Are Summer Classes Required?

Yes.  Our program is a 2-year, 6-semester program.  Students take courses in the summer, fall, and spring terms for two years in a row.

Can I Transfer in Credits?

The Graduate School allows a maximum of six (6) semester hours of transfer work from other institutions. Eight (8) semester hours of graduate credit earned in a non-matriculated status at the University of Utah may be applied towards a degree. All transfer credit and credit earned in a non-matriculated status must be approved by the student's Supervisory Committee and by the Graduate School.  This is done after the applicant is admitted to our program.

Last Updated: 4/12/17