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Program Faculty

Jason Burrow-Sanchez, Assistante Professor Jason Burrow-Sánchez, Ph.D.View Profile
Associate Professor
Program Director, Counseling/Counseling Psychology
Uma Dorn Uma Dorn, Ph.D. - View Profile
Assistant Professor (Clinical)
Program Director, CMHC
SAEC 3266

Zac Imel, Ph.D.View Profile
Associate Professor
Counseling/Counseling Psychology, Professional Counseling, School Counseling

A.J. Metz

A.J. Metz, Ph.D. - View Profile
Associate Professor, Associate Chair
Program Director School Counseling

Sue Morrow Sue Morrow, Ph.D. View Profile
Counseling/Counseling Psychology

Karen Tao, Ph.D.View Profile
Assistant Professor
Counseling/Counseling Psychology

Jennifer Taylor

Jennifer Taylor, Ph.D. - View Profile
Assistant Professor
Counseling/Counseling Psychology

Need More Info?

Attend an information session to learn more about our M.Ed. Programs in Clinical Mental Health Counseling (CMHC) and School Counseling (Salt Lake City or St. George Programs).

• Program Mission/Objectives
• Coursework/Training
• Costs/Tuition
• Financial Aid
How to Apply

Upcoming Info-Sessions


Monday, December 4th

7:15 – 8:15 PM
SAEC Building, Room #3155 (third floor)

For questions, call:  801-581-7148



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