Reading Endorsement

Why Get a Reading Endorsement?

The purpose of obtaining a Reading Endorsement is for educators to further their understanding of and expertise in teaching reading at the K-12 level.

  • Level I-Basic is for the regular classroom teacher--this primarily makes a classroom teacher a better teacher of reading in RTI Tier I classrooms
  • Level II-Advanced is for the reading coach--this allows a teacher to become a literacy coach who works primarily with classroom teachers for the most effective Tier I classroom instruction in reading and literacy
  • Level II-Interventionist is for the reading interventionist--this allows teachers to become reading specialists who specialize in Tier II and III intervention with students who struggle with reading and literacy

Taking Courses at the University of Utah

You may take the courses required for the reading endorsement in one of two ways:

  1. Apply as a non-matriculated student through the University Admissions Office. Once you have been accepted to the school, you must contact the Department of Educational Psychology's Graduate Academic Program Specialist (see Contact Information link below) in order to register for graduate level classes.
  2. Apply to Educational Psychology's Master's of Education in Reading program. You can earn the Level I and Level II reading endorsements at the same time as you earn your M.Ed. degree.

Reading Endorsement Courses

Below are the courses from the University of Utah that correspond with the Utah State Office of Education (USOE) for Reading Endorsements, Levels I and II.

Reading Endorsement Level I

Requires 7 courses at the GRADUATE LEVEL

  1. Literacy Foundations:
    ED PS 6711 Foundations of Reading (3)
  2. Reading/Writing in Content Areas:
    ED PS 6126 Content Area Literacy Instruction (3)
  3. Writing as a Process:
    ED PS 6130 Writing Theory and Instruction (3)
  4. Children's or Adolescent Literature:
    ED PS 6124 Children's Literature (3) or
    ED PS 6125 Adolescent Literature (3)
  5. Advanced Early Literacy:
    ED PS 6713 Early Literacy Theory & Instruction (3) or
    ED PS 6717 Supporting Struggling Readers (3)
  6. Advanced Comprehension:
    ED PS 6714 Comprehension Theory & Instruction (3)
  7. Assessment & Intervention of Reading Difficulties:
    ED PS 6631 Assessment and Intervention of Reading Difficulties (3) -- this class must be taken last in the sequence

Reading Endorsement Level II

Requires all the Level I courses plus these additional courses:

  1. Supervision of Literacy Programs:
    ED PS 6715 Supervision & Evaluation of Reading Programs (3)
  2. Reading Specialist Internship:
    ED PS 6716 Reading Specialist Internship (3)
  3. Research in Literacy Programs:
    ED PS 6712 Reading Research (3)

Applying for your Endorsement

To be granted your reading endorsement(s) you must apply directly to the Utah State Office of Education (USOE). Please click on the links below:

USOE Reading Endorsement Level I

USOE Reading Endorsement Level II