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Educator Endorsements in Literacy Update

The Utah State Board of Education is currently offering 5 specific literacy-related endorsements. Three of these are retiring on June 30, 2023. The other two became effective on July 1, 2021.

The Reading & Literacy Program remains committed to helping teachers who wish to achieve these educator endorsements:

  • We are the first university program in the state to receive approval for coursework that meets the competencies for each of the 10 requirement areas for the new Secondary Literacy Interventionist Endorsement. Students entering the program starting Fall 2021 and after, and who meet the state’s prerequisite requirements, can fulfill the endorsement’s requirement areas through their M.Ed coursework. 

Table of Endorsement Offerings

ENDORSEMENT INFORMATION (For students with Utah teaching licenses)

Our master’s core courses are approved as meeting USBE Secondary Literacy Interventionist requirements of the new competency-based endorsement. Students are encouraged to apply to USBE upon finishing their degree.

 USBE Secondary Literacy Interventionist Endorsement 

The required core courses are designed to fulfill the USBE Secondary Literacy Interventionist endorsement is specifically for teaching the secondary reading courses offered in junior high and high school. Our core master’s coursework has been officially approved for the secondary literacy interventionist, meeting for all 10 required areas (September, 2021). Thus, the completion of master’s coursework, students are encouraged to apply for the secondary endorsement. (Please note that this endorsement does require some prerequisites, and application to USBE for this endorsement is the responsibility of the student.)

USBE Professional K-12 Literacy Specialist Endorsement

Completing the Master of Education degree in Reading and Literacy fulfills the first requirement area (“Foundational Knowledge”) of the endorsement requirements for the USBE Professional K-12 Literacy Specialist. This endorsement is for existing literacy coaches or directors who already have 50 hours of experience delivering professional learning in the K-12 setting to adult educators, and at least 1-year of Full-Time Employment in the Utah public education system (K-12). Some elective courses offered may meet other requirement areas of this endorsement’s requirements. This information will be noted for students when it occurs.


Last Updated: 2/22/22